Audit Requirement For NSE ITORS

IT policies and procedures for the IBT system management
·         Network layout of your IT infrastructure supporting IBT system
·         Number of IBT servers and their usage within system (e.g. Application-servers, database servers etc.)
·         IP address scheme used within IBT system
·         Copy of application submitted to NSE, along with network diagram.
·         Snapshot of password controls defined for users
o    Password Complexity
o    Password Expiry
o    Password Length
o    Blocking of passwords after unsuccessful attempts
o    Storage of password in encrypted format
o    Encryption strength using which passwords are stored
·         Snapshot of transaction logs being captured
·         Copy of backup register which records the backup taken
·         Key Size of encryption technique being used
·         Copy of NCFM certificate of person who is responsible for IBT
        .        Clearance for vulnerability assessment on the IBT servers.


Refrence page of Ncdex CTCL


What is CTCL

its possible to to trade in both stock exchanges (BSE & NSE) as well as commodity exchanges
MCX and NCDEX by using ctcl software installed in one computer.there are many ctcl software vendors but Odin (Open Dealer Interconnect Network) by Finencial Technology India is market winner and Oding is being widely using this type of software you can connect to your Broker's network through Lan,Vsat or internet.


Introduction of ctcltech

ctcl is a short form of client to client link, A name used by indian stock exchanges.
basically there are two main stock exchanges in india, BSE (Bombay stock exchange) and NSE (National Stock exchange). both have their own softwares for trading purpose, BSE Bolt and NSE Neat, by using Vsat or Lease line connectivity,there are also commodity exchange with their own software.
But what to do when anyone want to trade in both exchanges from one pc ???
these exchanges are giving option to use third party application software. and it is possible and clients connected to third party application server is called as ctcl and that third party software too...
basic purpose of this blog is to discuss about ctcl software and ctcl technology including network topology.


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